midp-build היא מערכת בילד לבנית פרוייקטי J2ME שמפותחים עם אקליפס.
פיתחתי את המערכת בוולי, שנסגרה לא מזמן – ולאחרונה קיבלתי אישור לשחרר אותה לחופשי.
המערכת מאוד גמישה, וכדאי לכל מי שמרגיש שהחיים שלו קשים מדי כשהוא בונה אפליקציות J2ME לנסות את midp-build.

The midp-build system is a generic build system for mobile java applications developed in Eclipse. it uses the Eclipse configuration files (.classpath files) to determine project dependency, build order and build classpath automatically.

it can build any MIDlet with very little configuration.

  • The system supports complex builds with multiple outputs, for example – it's possible to build for several products, configurations and devices in a single run.
  • The build fully support preprocessing of source code based on symbols that are defined per devices, products and configurations (or almost any combination of those).
  • The build allow fine customization of the properties contained in the JAD for each JAR+JAD pair generated.
  • The build supports signing of generated MIDlets automatically
  • The build supports including classpath resources in the generated JAR(s), and/or copying specific resources
  • The build supports local builds, based on files on the workspace (without changing them in any way).
  • The build fully supports CVS and have some untested support for SVN
  • The build supports multiple build configurations per Eclipse project (see conf.prefix)
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