Update #2 : Morro de sao paolo

In the last post, I wrote I have a cell phone for emergencies, well. this is no longer true.
my cell phone is gone, probably picked or fell off my pocket in the Carnaval, quite anoying, but no big deal.
The Carnaval in Salvador was quite a thing, Its a huge street party, with at least a million or two of people on a street which is about 3-4 kilometers long,I will write more about it when I get back.
right now I am on a little island called Morro de Sao paulo (Has nothing to do with Sao paolo – the city),
its a pretty Island with amazing beaches, I will stay here in the next week, as the local Carnaval just starts here.
This is a aerial picture of one of the beaches, looks like the one next to my Pousada (A small, cozzy hotel, usually a modified house):
The beach of morro de sao paolo
If I will manage to download the pictures of my camera I'll post some here.
btw: Sorry for the english posts, its a bit of a problem to get hebrew in most Internet caffes.

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